24 Jul 2013

Danger mouse, dynamo and some cycling fanatics...

Hello everyone.

I have missed blogging so much that I thought I would treat you all to as many posts as I can master. I haven’t done much since I last wrote. I have just been busy recovering. However I have had one particularly unforgettable experience.

One evening whilst home alone waiting for Madre and Naomi to return from her graduation (eek well done her, she graduated with a first... clever or what?) I saw a mouse. An actual mouse ran across my living room floor. Naturally I remained cool, calm and collected. I did not squeal or panic or lock myself upstairs in my bedroom and barricade the door. Nope not me ;-). When Madre and Naomi eventually returned they too saw the mouse. It made its' return appearance in Naomi’s bedroom. Ha. I shouldn’t laugh but I was immensely grateful that the mouse was not in my room, the gods were on my side this once. After failed attempts by both Naomi and Madre to capture the mouse in a waste paper bin, a trap was laid. This trap was put outside N’s room on the landing. Needless to say the mouse was too clever and managed to avoid the trap.

Late the next night Naomi and I were just chilling downstairs when the mouse appeared to me once again. It seems to like Naomi and popped its head out from under the sofa where she was sat. Once again I calmly alerted her to its presence. I went to get a broom. I thought that like in Disney’s Cinderella using my broom I could sweep and chase the mouse out of the house. Don’t believe everything that Disney teaches you. For this method of mouse removal is also unsuccessful. Mice are pretty quick movers.

The mouse disappeared and Naomi and I got engrossed in watching Dynamo on the telly. He really is amazing. He turned a water fountain in Ibiza into ICE. We were busy talking about how great he is when we heard a bang. Looking at each other in horror we realised that the bang we heard must have been the mouse trap. What were we supposed to do now? We had to go upstairs to see if it was the mouse we heard. I decided that Naomi should go first and I would follow. Naomi had just about reached the first stair when the mouse turned Kamikaze on us. It launched itself, whilst partially caught in the trap, over the banister and flying an inch from Naomi’s face landed on the stairs. We both screamed. A split second later I was stood on the sofa still screaming and watching in horror as the mouse ran down the stairs and began running in circles around the floor. It had just one leg caught in the trap.

I was screaming, Naomi was screaming, the mouse was screaming and if the neighbours didn’t already think we were weird, they sure did now. Eventually Naomi was the brave one and using my broom (I knew Cinderella would help me in some way) she swept the mouse into a waste paper bin, donned some rubber gloves and set off up the road to set our unwelcome visitor free. I would like to add that she was wearing her pyjamas and no shoes, so at least the neighbours can now associate her with the weirdness and not me. Anyway after our experience meeting the real life danger mouse nothing else this week has really caught my attention.

Now that I am feeling more human I have been taking the time to figure out what I want to do with my life. I’m not sure that I really know, but I did get an idea. I thought why not write a novel based loosely on my own story. What a great way to raise awareness. If I aimed it at women 18-40 years old they could read it tell their friends, spread the word. So on Sunday I decided to start writing. I also figure that by revealing my plans to you my devoted readers, it means I am less likely to chicken out and more likely to follow the idea through. I may find that actually book writing is not for me but at least I will have given it a go. If the book is rubbish they hey, its rubbish but if I don’t try I won’t succeed. And like my grandpa used to say ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again’. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

In other exciting news I put MASCARA on yesterday. Yes that’s right my eyelashes are beginning to appear. WAHOOOOO! Right now the only problem I have is that my bottom lashes are significantly longer than my top lashes and that my right eye has way less lashes than the left. But hey, at least I have some lashes now. 

As I sit here typing this sipping tea, curled up on the sofa, my sister, 3 of my cousins and a friend are busy cycling. Over 2 and a half days they are travelling from Bristol (where I spent three of the happiest years of my life at University) to Salcombe (where I live now) across a distance of nearly 200 miles. Why are they doing this? Is it of a strange love of cycling? Is it because they love a challenge? Is it because they need a bit of lycra in their lives? Probably yes to some of these questions but the real reason they are punishing themselves is because they love me. They are busy trying to raise as much money as possible for Coppafeel! and Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Two charities close to my heart. These charities do some AMAZING work and if anybody reading this wants to support them by sponsoring some wonderful people on their cycling crusade please donate by clicking here. So proud of them all and thinking about them constantly.

That's all from me today folks,

Love you long time. X


  1. Harriet26.7.13

    Hi Laura,

    I came across your blog through Dawn O'Porter and Caroline Flack on twitter and have been following your journey to recovery ever since.

    Great to hear Kenneth has been shown the back door (and kicked out with an almighty boot up the backside!) and so good see you back posting :)

    My colleagues and I think you're amazing and wondered if there was a way of getting in touch to send you a little something (if you didn't mind of course!)

    Feel free to email me as not sure how to message you privately on here (harriet.ray@the-gild.com)

    Harriet x

  2. Great topic, thanks for taking such good care of this website!.. Take care..get well soon.. God bless you and will be with you always.