Nicknames explained

Kenneth- the naughty lump in my left boob

Toxic nasties- my term for chemotherapy

Snoop Doggy Rob- the nickname I give my dad. I came up with it one day and it made me laugh A LOT. You see he is the complete opposite of the real Snoop Dog! 
***he sometimes gets confused and calls himself Snoopy Dog Rob. I think he believes I'm referring to the cartoon dog, not the rapper. Bless. 

Madre- the nickname for my mum. There is no funny reason for this. I've called her it since forever. Who knows why. I was a weird child. What can I say?


  1. Anonymous25.4.13

    Hi Laura Louise I have been given your name by some close friends and they told me to read your blog, your a true inspiration. If you could send your address to I would like to send you some sample make up.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon


  2. Just read your article in "Fabulous" magazine and immediately had to check out your blog. The snippets of your blog in the mag made me teary eyed and have a chuckle, and though terms like the following seem to be thrown around a lot these are a true inspiration. Stay strong you amazing human being!:)Xxx

  3. Anonymous1.9.13

    I have just read the article in Fabulous magazine. What an uplifting story and attitude you have. On Monday afternoon I have an operation assessment at Gartnavel hospital in Glasgow before I have an operation to have markers placed around the tumour in my eye. Then I will be going to the Douglas Cyclotron Unit in Bebington for Proton Beam therapy to hopefully this time kill off the tumour and save my eye. Although if I do have to have the eye taken out I was thinking of asking for a glow in the dark false one or maybe even a red LED light like in the Terminator.

    Good lick in the future and make sure you keep inspiring and helping other people who may be in their darkest hour.

    Andrew James Chisholm BA (blind almost but soon to have a blast of protons)

  4. Anonymous13.10.13

    Hi Loiuse,
    Well done you. What an inspiration to other women, especially being so young. Your attitude will help others.
    I was diagnosed in Feb 2011 and have just had my 'cherries' reconstructed and tattoos done. They look fab, better than before!!
    Much Love
    Jane x

  5. Heheh "Snoopy Dog Rob" made me LOL. Cute. :P