24 Jan 2013

Owls, hair and despair.

Sorry for my lack of blogging this week. I have been a busy lady. I bet you all want to know how filming went... Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not saying anything. You will have to watch it when it comes out and see for yourselves. I've got no idea when this will be yet but I promise to let you know! Kris from Coppafeel, who I did the filming with, is a legend and the most inspirational person I have ever been lucky enough to meet. I have a massive amount of love for her. 

Today I've woken up with a naughty cold. Slightly worried it may delay my next chemo but fingers crossed I will be ok. A friend from Uni has been staying with me for a couple of nights this week. We have had rubbish weather but ALOT of laughs. I've mainly been laughing at his obsession with owls and the film Love Actually. One evening he made me watch owl videos on you tube for half an hour. I think he truly believes he was an owl in a past life. Weirdo. Anyway it was GREAT to see him and I was sad when he left. 

The big issue of my week so far has been HAIR. 

Hair. Hair. Hair. 

I find hair everywhere. 

In my food, on my pillow, on my clothes, on the floor, on the sofa and today I even found some in the fridge! I am starting to get a bit bored of this. I think it may be time to let go and have it cut off. BIG decision. And scary stuff. If I am being completely honest I thought I was cool with it. But frankly gathering the bottle to sit in a chair while someone shaves off inches of beautiful hair is proving difficult. I have always loved my hair. I reckon it was my best feature. Losing it is turning out to be more difficult than I imagined. It's tricky because no one knows what to say to me. They all tell me it'll be fine and I will rock the look and make it work. They don't actually know this. They have no proof. Under my hair could lie the ugliest shaped head in the world. I could be hiding horns or all manners of lumps and bumps. I was never told that I was dropped on my head as a child but Madre and Snoop Doggy Rob might wanna fess up soon before all the hair is gone!! 

Sorry it's a short blog today, I will try and write a better one soon but right now I'm feeling poorly and need my sleep. 

Love you long time. X

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