15 Jan 2013


I need to start this post by introducing you all to someone. This someone is Kenneth. Kenneth, is the name my friend Lucy coined for my lump. It made me laugh ALOT and so it has kind of stuck with me. I don't like Kenneth very much. I would really like it if he could leave my body and never return. At the moment I am still living with Kenneth. I'm sure I will be talking about my fights with Kenneth a lot over the next few months and so I thought it important you all became acquainted.

Anyway back to the main reason for this post. Apparently between days 10-14 after each chemo treatment, my immune system effectively disappears. For this reason I am currently on house arrest. This means no coffees at The Winking Prawn, no trips to the cinema and no lunch dates with friends. It also means severe BOREDOM. So, what have I been doing with my time you might ask. Well, let me enlighten you...

I have gone on some lovely walks. I really, truly believe that walking is good, not only for fitness and health reasons, but also good for the soul. It gives me time to think. It allows me to take in the beautiful scenery that I am lucky enough to be surrounded by and most importantly it lets me ESCAPE FROM THE HOUSE!!!

Before my diagnosis I must admit I was not a regular walker. In fact, it is probably fair to say I avoided walking at all costs. If you have the big C and are reading this blog, I urge you to go for a walk. In fact, even if you don't have it please get up from the sofa and use your legs! You won't regret it! The first week after chemo all I could manage was a stroll somewhere flat for a maximum of half an hour. However, today I went for a full on fast-paced hilly walk for an hour and I've got to be honest I feel GREAT now. So go on, please, grab your iPod, put on some beats and go take a stroll. I also highly recommend splashing in puddles (although Madre didn't take to this idea as well as I did - it turns out she doesn't like to be splashed as much as I LOVED splashing her)!!!

Along with walking I've also been indulging in some serious movie and TV watching. I find films the best because they allow me to escape from my own story for a couple of hours and dive into someone else's. My top picks this week are Taken, which was a great film, and Miranda (tv show) which never fails to make me laugh. Also if you can find a way to watch something whilst in the bath then do it. Having a bath makes everything better, even TV watching. You feel really spoilt, sat in a luxurious bubble bath watching your favourite TV programme. I personally, like to balance my laptop on top of the laundry basket and watch an episode of The Vampire Diaries each night before bed, but you could chose anything you like. I once watched The Little Mermaid whilst in the bath, and pretended to be Ariel whilst singing into my hairbrush when Madre was out, but please don't tell anyone because that would be embarrassing!!

I've also been lucky enough to have been visited by a couple of friends this week. It's amazing how much difference laughing has made to my general mood. Seriously! Doctors should start prescribing it. *Friends take note and start working on some jokes please!!* Even just talking and finding out some of the gossip I've been missing has really helped me remain to feel 'normal'. Friends also make yummy food...

I've eaten ALOT of soup. I mean ridiculous amounts. One of my Mum's friends was kind enough to provide me with a week's worth of amazing homemade soups. They are unbelievably delicious and full of healthy goodness, which I swear I can actually feel making me stronger in preparation for my next dose of the toxic nasties.

Online shopping. I feel this could be a big problem for me over the coming months. I reason all my purchases with one of the following excuses. 'Kenneth may rob me of my hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and boobs but he will not take away my love of shopping'. 'Kenneth may rob me of my hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and boobs but I will make sure I do everything I can to stop him ruining my skin'. 'Kenneth is going to steal my hair so I really need lots of hats'. 'Kenneth has made me sad and so I really need this *insert appropriate item here* to make me feel better'. You sense a theme developing I am sure.

Enough of my ramblings for now. I will leave you all with the mental image of me trying on all (*ahem) FOUR of my new bobble hats, trying to decide which one will look best when I'm bald. I even found myself wondering if I will end up looking like Dappy from N-dubz once my hair leaves me?? I do have dark eyebrows and if they stay with me for a little while I fear the resemblance could be quite frightening. Photo to follow I promise.

In the words of the man himself 'no point in crying over yesterday, ay. No regrets, no regrets'. Yes, that's right I just quoted Dappy. And what?!

Love you long time. X


  1. Anonymous15.1.13

    This is so so great and I cannot wait for the next instalments! Never a dull moment in the life of Laura. Love how this is written with your smile!
    And I must say, that food looks amazing ;)
    x x x

  2. Madre16.1.13

    That's my girl........ positive, beautiful in name and nature, and seeing the humour in life.
    Kenneth is not every mothers dream for her favourite eldest daughter and we will banish him from our kingdom.
    No splashing though.
    With all the love in the world xxxxxxxxxx

  3. So proud of you beautiful. It's great you are writing this stuff down for others to read. You know I'm always full of great jokes ;) On which note... what's Michelle Obama's favourite vegetable? 'Barack-oli' *cue laughter* xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Anonymous16.1.13

    This is amazingly written! Such a touching story, yet you have such a great humour! Made me chuckle quite a bit (Snoop doggy Rob in particular), good luck fighting with Kenneth. I like that it's a male name. Men always lose arguments! You're an inspiration x

  5. Anonymous16.1.13

    We at work are all thinking of you. I would shave my head but as you know I am almost bald anyway.
    Uncle Dave
    ps had to post as anonymous as I can't work this blog yet lol x

  6. Anonymous16.1.13

    Wow ,don't know where to start.... Hi laura sod off kenneth!!!! I am tricia rhiannons aunt,wot an amazingly strong young woman u are.at my age of 40 years younger in the mind!!! Lol I am envious of ur strength and personality which just by reading ur blogg I know is amazing .u have made me think bout my life and the way I am living it,I am gonna start walking and appriciating the little things that we forget are good for us and enjoyable .I hope you continue to be dtrong and I wish u all the health and best wishes possible to wish for somebody .madre you must be one proud lady xx stay tuff and I will be wishing kenneth farewell with you xxxxx

  7. Anonymous16.1.13

    Duuuuuuuuuude, you are an excellent person! Live for the small things cos they are the things that matter xxxxxx

  8. All the best for beating the crap out of Kenneth - It's a battle I won many years ago and with an attitude like yours I know you'll come out on top!