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  1. Giorgia11.10.13

    Hi, I discovered in April 2013 a breast cancer and. Between June and July I did 3 chemotherapy and now I finished radiotherapy. We cared about the same time. Now I hope to be out of this "tunnel" that was hard but finally it's finished!
    a big hug from those who can really understand you

  2. Anonymous11.10.13

    Hello, my name is Angel, I'm writing from Italy.
    I found your blog through a newspaper in my city, Naples.
    I read what you wrote and I hit your strength and your courage in this bad thing.
    Work at the hospital and I see a lot of guys like you.
    What can I say, I wish you all the best and luck in the world.
    P.S. sorry for my english by automatic translator ;-)

  3. Hello, I also discovered your blog through my local news. My mother had breast cancer before, although she didn't quite take a "fun" attitude as you have :), she stayed positive throughout the whole treatment and now she's fully recovered.

    Anyway I think you've crafted a great story on your blog, I was wondering whether you will be interested in compiling the blog posts into an ebook. If so, come check out our website: . We are always looking for inspiring and fun content.

    Wish you all the best!

  4. Anonymous16.10.13

    What a lovely positive blog. I love the title. The myth of 'battling' the disease can be cruel one, how does one battle anything one can't see? The answer? One lives, one does what you do, one makes the life from the experience. My attitude is not to let the dam' condition have too much attention. The cancer is not me, it's something about me, that's all, whatever the outcome. Don't give it houseroom, accept and go on. Just as you are doing. Be in your body as much as you can. You are doing fine. Big hugs

  5. Hi Laura Louise
    Our daughter is positively fighting the big 'C' and since her diagnosis we have been involved in Cosifit cancer headwear. Do have a look at them on Make your choice and we'll send you one with our compliments. Just email on We know how important it is to boost your confidence - go for it. Stay positive. Best wishes Jillian and Paul

    Best wishes

  6. Anonymous19.10.13

    Hello Laura Louise,
    this is a very interesting blog - i love reading ist.
    I think your point if view is the right one.
    Best wishes!

  7. Anonymous19.10.13

    Hi Laura, my name is Laura too. I love your blog. Read about it in a German newspaper today. I hope you get well soon!

  8. Anonymous20.10.13

    Hey gorgeous Laura
    Read about you today in a Swissie newspaper, YOU rock gal!
    Keep the spirit it on and kick Kenneth's b?*t!


    PS: If you'd like to have some Swissie chocolate let me know, we have a secret about it....

  9. I had no idea about your blog until a friend forwarded it to me!
    I think we have a lot in common... I am 24 years-old from Montreal, Canada and I was diagnosed with breast cancer this July 2013. Ever since.. i started a video blog at .

    We're on the same mission! but it gives me hope to see that you're doing good :)

  10. Carmen H. Fernández Fernández - Carolina, Puerto Rico 10/21/2013 1:45 a.m.

    Hello, Laura, I'm from Carolina, Puerto Rico. I pray to God to give you good health and live many years.

    My older sister, Felita, did not survive the terrible cancer that gave. I sympathize with people who have cancer and I pray to God not to go through what my step sister and our family.

    I like your blog and although I use the google translator to read the sections, the really enjoy.

    Carmen H. Fernández Fernández /
    Carolina, Puerto Rico 10/21/2013 1:43 am

  11. Anonymous21.10.13

    Hello Laura,

    I have discovered your diary through an online portal for women here in Hungary. I have been through the same this year, I am a bit older than you are but still on the younger side. Having been through the same ordeal (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, Tamoxifen) and having it behind me by now (except for the Tamoxifen, which I have to take for 5 years just like you) , I can only encourage you to keep up your positive spirit. You will be over this and your life will return back to normality.

    I wish you all the best!
    Your cancersister (if I may say so)

  12. Hey Laura,

    thank you for your blog! You are a strong and impressive girl!!! I'm also only 24 years old and I'm happy you share your story to raise awareness about breast cancer at young age. I will pray for your healing and a lot of strength in the next weaks if I may... I also discovered that your favourite colour is pink!! Great!! Mine too! I wrote a song which is called 'pink coloured world' and I thougth maybe you would like it: Here is the link to my song and video:

    I will be on stage tomorrow. I will wear pink clothes and remember you and other women that are suffering from cancer...

    Be blessed,
    Joyce (from Germany)

  13. Anonymous25.10.13

    Hi, Laura....congrats for your blog, I think is too hard to suffer cancer being only 24 years old. I had my last chemo two weeks ago, so im happy expecting the growing of my hair, may be the most difficult for me in this time, and also, the weight increase, althouth taking care a lot in all the meals...but, everything happens and this too. And like you, I try to enjoy with new outfits, bought many hats, caps, challs, bonnets, ect. Have a nice life and thanks to share your story with all of us. Bless you! Sara from Argentina

  14. christin1.11.13

    hello laura!

    i love your blog! I hope you make it and combatted 'kenneth' and stay strong, I have great respect from what you're doing! thank you that you let us share it, you are a great help and an angel for many sick people! god bless you laura!

  15. Anonymous23.11.13

    Hi My name is Marie , I sent you a email tell you my story and how you inspired me.
    Hope to here from you soon .
    Kind Regards

  16. Hi Laura

    I've just read [part of] your story in Love it! magazine - and it was a breath of fresh air! I'm sure you hear that all the time, must be because you are young and fresh :-) I'm a young 48 year old recently diagnosed with Triple Neg breast cancer and have just had my first chemo - keeping positive and being surrounded by people who are the same has been a huge help. I'm even tempted to pinch your idea and wear a funky pink wig every now and then [I've always loved dressing up and putting on wigs as part of my amateur dramatics hobby!] Anyway, I just wanted to say what I've said so far, and to wish you all the best in your continued road to recovery, and to thank you for being a shining light for us army of ladies who are doing battle with the big C.

    Lots of love to you xxxx

  17. i would hug lady with breast cancer may the lord hold your hand -i hope you have a man how dos a lot at home for you xxxx