24 Jan 2013

My big BALD adventure...

Today has been a BIG day. My hair loss became so extreme over the last couple of days I decided enough was enough and so today I took control and went on a little trip to the hairdressers. 

It’s difficult to find the words sometimes and so I will show you all what happened in a series of pictures. But before I do I have to give out some love. I have to give a MASSIVE thank you to Sarah (my super fab hairdresser) who was absolutely amazing with me today. We had fun, we laughed and we made the most out of what is essentially a horrendous situation. The biggest thank you of the day goes to a superstar called Lucy. Without her today could have gone a very different way. She made me laugh, she was strong for me and when I finally cried as I was leaving the hairdressers (minus my hair) she cried too.

Now for the photos...

This is me before I left the house for the hair cut.

Me and Lucy messing around with hats.

Me with the weapon of choice.

Me and the lovely Sarah.

Who likes my moustache??

Ok so here is where the fun began...

I wanted to shave the last bit off..

All done!! Here is me and Honor with matching hair styles.

Thank you Sarah!

So there you have it. The hair is GONE. I think it could take some getting used to but I love a challenge! As I sit here typing, wearing my bobble hat to keep my newly shaven head warm, I can't help but think how lucky I am. I have an amazing family, their love and support keeps me sane. I have the best group of friends any girl could wish for and when Kenneth finally leaves me I know I will be the able to conquer anything life throws at me!

Love you long time. X


  1. A wellwisher25.1.13

    Laura, you are a beautiful girl with or without hair. I share your certainty that you will kick Kenneth right out of your life in due course. I am so pleased that your friends and family are there for you. They are as lucky to have you, as you are to have them, by the way.

  2. Anonymous25.1.13

    Laura, you are truly incredible. I could not agree with 'A well-wisher' more. I have no doubt Kenneth will lose this. Inspirational. I am hooked.

  3. Anonymous5.2.13

    you have a BEAUTIFUL spirit. a true inspiration.

  4. Anonymous5.2.13

    You are inspirational. Keep fighting, you can beat this xxx

  5. You are amazing. I work in oncology so I know what you're going through... Not that you need it, you look beautiful as you are, but geisha wigs and annabelle's wigs have some nice ones for cheap. Nothing more annoying to me than someone with a £300 wig that looks like a horrible wig. Go crazy!

  6. Anonymous23.2.13

    You look beautiful, with or without hair. Very inspiring. Lots of love, thedalstonyears.wordpress.com

  7. Anonymous17.3.13

    Fiiiiiiit!! x

  8. Your positivity is infectious in a wonderful way. You are extremely pretty and I am so impressed with your photos in your post. I love your spirit and you are entering into unknown with the widest of eyes.

    Since I lost my hair too I am with you all the way through this process. I love your writing and photos as well as your beaming personality.

    I am sending you my prayers and good wishes.

    With love,

  9. Dear Laura, I am so impressed with how you handle everything. And I love your photos - they seem to be so full of life and laugh. I`ve found your blog because of an article in a German magazine. I will definitely keep on reading!!

  10. Anonymous20.10.13

    Dear Laura, you are very beautiful with or without hair, just as the posts above have stated. I also have found your blog because of an article in a Hungarian magazine...you are all over the world, you see? :)) I just started reading the blog, and I will keep on reading; I'll be back! :) PS. Are you really only 23? Your writing seems more mature.. you are good, girl! Anna from Budapest