18 Jan 2013

Hair, presents and a very BIG little secret...

Over the last few days, in between practicing my ever improving Dappy impression and trying to convince Snoop Doggy Rob that pigs really can fly because my new necklace says so, I've been hoping, praying and willing my little hair follicles to hold on tight. You see, I have some very exciting news (the very BIG little secret *shhh don't say it was me that told you). I am to be filmed next week. Now, I really don't want to begin my (probably short lived but nevertheless highly important) television career as a baldy. The film crew (ha I sound so important *cue smug smile) are due to arrive on Monday. That gives me 4 days to try and ensure as many of my hairs stay put as possible. However, a matter of hours ago quite a few of the little rascals started their bid to escape from the toxic nasties. Alas, I'm beginning to think that they may not make it to Monday. After Monday passes by, I couldn't care less if every single one of my hairs decides to up and leave in protest to the toxic nasties all at once. Just 4 days that's all I'm asking!

I've agreed to take part in a BBC3 documentary that is aiming to raise awareness of breast cancer (BC) in women aged 13-30. Yes that's right you just read age 13.  It wasn't a typo. We do live in a cruel world sometimes *sigh. 

Anyway, it's not easy for me to tell my story to anyone, let alone be quizzed in front of a camera and so initially I was reluctant to take part. It didn't take long for me to realise I was being ridiculous. I only found Kenneth because of something I saw on a TV programme. If by taking myself out of my comfort zone I prompt someone else to check themselves and they too find a naughty lump earlier than if they hadn't seen my ugly mutt on the box, then it will all have been worth it. Even if I am bald in my television debut! And if I can help/touch even one life of someone with BC I would be on the television every day. I would be singing and shouting from rooftops and I would probably also be causing a rise in the number of patient's arriving at GP surgeries with hearing complaints! However, if I am lucky enough that my story inspires others to jump on the band wagon and start preaching about the importance of knowing your boobs, then WOW I really will have achieved something special. Don't worry I won't subject you all to my singing just yet, but be warned if I have to I WILL!!!! Needs must and all that. 

In other news I have received some AMAZINGGG gifts recently that need a mention...

1) some 'let's kick Kenneth's ass' shoes.

Thank you please, these shoes nearly made me weep with joy!

The person who gave me these shoes also let me hang out with their pretty cool baby...

2) a massive box full of Hotel Chocolat goodies.
Now I know I was banging on about being all healthy on you last post and I still really am plugging the whole healthy lifestyle vibe BUT there has got to be something said about the healing power of chocolate. Especially REALLY good chocolate! 

3) an envelope full of family photos. 
The one of Snoop Doggy Rob carving the Chrimbo turkey is a classic! 

4) people's time.
No amount of money is going to buy me the feeling I have when I read a handwritten letter of support from a friend/member of family who has taken time out of their day to write to me. Or the smile I have when someone actively and publicly embarrasses themselves by openly posting a humiliating photo on Facebook all in a bid to get me to laugh. Or the comfort I feel when someone decides to give up part of their day to have a cup of tea with me and check that I'm alright, or even accompany me on a walk. These people know who they are and each of these acts of kindness are in their own unique way gifts to me. And so I just wanted to say thank you. (But please keep the presents coming too...I LOVE them ALOT and they also do wonders to cheer a girl up. I could really do with some diamonds, maybe a designer handbag and I wouldn't say no to more shoes! *cough cough  hint hint splulutter) 

The positive reaction I have had in response to my blog has quite literally astounded me. You are all lovely and wonderful people. It is so important to me raise awareness of breast cancer in younger women. We CAN and DO get the naughty disease too. In fact unfortunately we often get it worse. Our cancer feeds off our hormones and is usually more aggressive and because we don't look for it and doctors don't take us seriously, because they don't expect to find it, it is often found in the more progressed stages. What I am trying to say is please share my story. Tell your friends/daughters/granddaughters, because maybe together, we can save a life.

To finish, here are some photos from a really great walk I went on this week (notice the bobble hat)...

Love you long time. X


  1. Looks like Hope Cove - it's fantastic up there!

    No Diamonds I'm afraid but if you're into fast boats as a celebration of getting rid of Kenneth I will take you out in our race boat (have a look on FB for BananaShark Robyn knows the boat) for a bit of a high speed trip - if you're up for it?

    Once again good luck!

  2. Anonymous22.1.13

    There are many more photos I could post as you can only imagine :) I'm more than happy to do whatever I can to keep that smile on your face!! May even have to take a trip into the fancy dress shop and see what I can come up with.. Love you Beauty xxxx

  3. Anonymous16.10.13

    Just found you blog, and I will read it all to catch up, and will read every day. You're an inspiration.
    And by the way...OMG...LOVE those pink boots!!!