18 Nov 2013

Radiotherapy weeks four and five...

Hello everybody, I am so sorry for taking so long to blog. I wasn’t very well but now I am back and ready to update you all.

I have now finished radiotherapy. WOOHOO! The main side effect I have found is tiredness but it really isn’t that bad and is definitely manageable. My skin is red and apparently will keep ‘cooking’ for the next two weeks but aqueous cream helps to soothe it. I have been wearing loose clothing and avoided extremes of temperature (luke warm showers are not much fun) in an attempt to minimise irritation to the area. So far so good. 

I won't have to see this sign for a while...


I celebrated finishing radiotherapy with a cosy night in. I whacked on a layer of my favourite face mask (Eve Lom rescue mask), lit my favourite scented candle and painted my nails. Rock ‘n Roll I know!

I did make up for it on Saturday night though as I went out to celebrate a friends 21st birthday. I went for a wet hair look. What do you think?

I have spent some of my spare time making Christmas cards to sell at a Christmas Fair to raise money for Coppafeel! and Breakthrough breast cancer.  

What next? 
Now that I have pretty much finished treatment I am faced with this massive question. I still have to finish my course of Herceptin and I will be taking Tamoxifen tablets for the next five years but really I am pretty much done treatment wise. This of course means that really the 'naughty disease' part of my blog is pretty much done and dusted. I have really enjoyed blogging and as long as people want to keep reading about what I have been up to I will keep writing. I am sure that I will still have a few breast cancer related things to talk about in months to come. I have also thinking about starting a new lifestyle blog would any of you read it if I did?

Let me know what you think,

Love you long time. X



  1. Anonymous18.11.13

    Definately...keep writing!

  2. Anonymous18.11.13

    Please keep writing, will be lovely to hear from you. Was already concern with your delay to write :). Wishing you a wonderful life... always.

  3. Anonymous18.11.13

    Just read your blog laura. Glad your ok was worrying when you had not updated. Hope you will continue to write your blog it will be good to hear how you are keeping. I know its early but i wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year.xx

  4. I would love to read further from you! Your blog has been inspiring, thought-provoking, funny and sad all at the same time. I've learned a lot from it. A friend of mine survived breast cancer and your writings helped me understand her and support her better. What I also love about your way of thinking is that you are (besides the other good things) open-hearted, honest with your emotions. That's why I enjoy reading your blog so much and would be glad to do so further on. Life is also interesting without nasty diseases :)

  5. Count me in!

    Congratulations on this mile stone :)

    Faded Windmills

  6. Laura, well done on getting through. I am only at the start of my journey, but your blog has already helped me. I hope you don't mind but I have copied you and started my own blog to keep friends and family updated. My mastectomy is in December, which in a bizarre way I am looking forward to, as that is the day the cancer will be removed from my body. Keep going with your blog, it will help others like me out there. Good luck. I may also need tips on blogging as mine doesn't look as good as yours! :)

  7. Sorry, haven't been up to date lately. So if your treatments ending does that mean you're cancer free!!?

  8. Love the wet hair look xx