5 Oct 2013

Cosmo Blog Awards 2013

Hello beautiful people, as some of you may already know I was lucky enough to be shortlisted for the Best Newcomer Award sponsored by Next at the Cosmo Blog Awards. So on Wednesday I donned my glad rags and made my way over to the OXO tower in London for the Blog Awards Bash to find out who the winners were.

My outfit choice for the evening…

Dress ASOS, necklace Debenhams, shoes Miss KG, coat Topshop and handbag TK MAXX.

The most beautiful shoe boots in the world?

Gorgeous green clutch.

My nails for the evening.

You weren’t allowed a plus one and so I put my brave face on and with a glass of bubbles in my hand, I went to introduce myself to some friendly looking bloggers. I met some lovely people but the most lovely of all was Rachel, the very same lady that had alerted me to the fact that my blog was shortlisted in the first place. Rachel and I found each other within about 10 minutes of arriving and we had many giggles over some cocktails whilst we waited to find out the results. You can check out her awesome blog here. 

After about an hour and a half of mingling, all of the bloggers gathered at one end of the room to hear the results we had all been waiting for. Louise Court the Editor and Pat McNulty the Digital Editor of Cosmopolitan took to the stage to announce the winner and the highly commended blogger in each category. After watching some of my favourite bloggers walk home with one of the coveted awards finally last up was my category. The highly commended blogger was fashionista Gillian Lee Rose (you can check out her blog here) I was really pleased for her as I love her blog. The last award of the night went to LAURA LOUISE AND HER NAUGHTY DISEASE! Yes ladies and gents this little old blog WON an award I didn’t even know I was nominated for until 2 weeks before the end of voting. I was in total shock when they called my name but I tentatively made my way to the stage to collect my award, posed for a few photos and then made my way back towards a very smiley Rachel for a hug. Check out the list of all the winners here.

The rest of the evening was spent drinking one too many of the delicious cocktails provided by Pinky Vodka, meeting fellow bloggers, posing for photos and smiling so much my cheeks hurt. I was in such a daze from winning that I forgot to take many photos, big error I know, but luckily a photographer from Cosmopolitan was on hand snapping away. You can check out the amazing photos here and here. Unbelievably I also managed to make their style gallery *I chuckled muchly when I discovered this* but you can view some of the other amazing outfits worn here. Below are the two photos that I did remember to take…


Me and the lovely Rachel who is wearing a gorgeous Boohoo playsuit.

Me posing with my award at the Best British Blogger stand.

So there you have it, after what can only be described as a rollercoaster of a year so far for me something great has come out of an otherwise rubbish situation. It still hasn’t settled in yet. It was an honour to even make the shortlist out of 43000 entries but to win is something else entirely. I can honestly say that it was the best day of my year so far. Thank you to all of you for following me and my journey so far and providing me with so many lovely messages of love and support and a big fat thank you to everyone who voted for me too. The lovely people at Next have written a great blog post all about the evening which you can read here. I have lots of other things to tell you all about from my London trip so I will be blogging again soon but for now I shall leave you with this image.

Love you long time. X


  1. Aw, I'm so glad you won, I gave you a cheeky vote hehe :)
    I love your outfit too, those shoes look heavenly! xx

  2. Congratulations; that's such great news! And very well deserved of course :)


  3. Congratulations Laura. Definitely well deserved!

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  4. Congrats!

    you looked fab x


  5. Olivia11.10.13

    Hi Laura, I've never commented on anything online before but I read your story in Daily Mail and I was so inspired and touched and wowed (and weirdly proud of you even though I don't know you!) that I just had to write and say how impressed I am of you and what you do and how proud you should be of yourself. I am 23 myself and just the thought of having to go through what you have been through makes me sick to my stomach - and going through it with a head held so high and with such a positive attitude(!) I mean THAT'S something else, and really something to be proud of (god I am pathetically tearing up here..!)! I wish you good good luck for the future and all happiness, you deserve it!!! X O

  6. I also read the article in the Daily Mail. You rock! Best of luck to you for a healthy and happy future!

  7. Que lindo!!! Mesmo no momento de agonia, e sem ter a certeza de que vai viver, ficamos alegres e com pé no chão. Amadurecemos demais em tão pouco tempo e percebemos que a vida é bela e que vale a pena ser vivida, deixamos as coisas feias e chatas de lado, e perder o cabelo é o de menos, o importante é viver, e a beleza está no interior de cada um. Passei por uma leucemia, me produzi por dentro e por fora kkkk e hoje sou uma pessoa bem melhor, a minha fé cresceu, sei que não deveria ter passado por isso mas sei que não sou a única.


  8. Hi Laura,
    Best of luck to you returning to health. You are a great inspiration:)

  9. Anonymous12.10.13

    There are some people in this this world who are truly inspirational......and you are clearly one of them! I hope you fully recover from Kenneth's departure and go on to achieve everything you wish for in life. I might follow your advice about the red shoes distracting people's gaze from a bald head but as a 55 year old man I may attract some hysterical laughter!
    Best wishes

  10. Congratulations!!! That is so wonderful!! :D

  11. Great post and congrats on the award :') it's scary having to go alone but it's good you met someone you knew through bloging sounds like an amazing evening would love to attend at one point if my blog ever gets short listed would be amazing <3


  12. you look amazing! congrats sweety!:)
    follow each other? www.sandicious.blogspot.com

  13. Anonymous16.10.13

    Fantastic! Huge congratulations to you - just read about you on the BBC News website. What an awesome attitude you have to your diagnosis and treatment. I am sure this focus has helped you through and no doubt inspired thousands of others facing the same scary diagnosis. I hope the radiotherapy goes well for you - just treat that long, hot bath as the carrot to reward you once you can take a dip again. :)

  14. Anonymous16.10.13

    Well done Laura.
    You are a beautiful young woman. Keep smiling. Good times ahead i wish for you. :-) :-) x

  15. Dear Laura, congratulations! Your outfit was so amazing and I am totally into your lovely light pink coat :)