27 Oct 2013

Radiotherapy week two...

Hello hello, me again.

I am happy to say that radiotherapy is still going OK. I have slightly pink and sore skin now but so far I am not too tired at all. I have been religiously applying aqueous cream twice a day in an attempt to protect my skin as much as possible. 

The time I have had away from the hospital I have spent writing away working on the book. The online shopping bug has bitten me again (obviously this is not my fault). I bought a couple of new dresses, one of which I will wear when I pop up to London for the night on Tuesday (read all about why in next weeks post).

The most exciting news that I have for you all is that I HAD MY FIRST HAIRCUT since my hair has grown back. The lovely Sarah from HAC snipped away at my fluffy, wispy ends and transformed them into a styled crop. The last time I had been to the hairdressers was when this happened. This time instead of leaving with tears in my eyes I left with a big smile and some advice on how to control my often crazy locks. They really are crazy locks too, my hair has grown back thicker than ever it is also fluffy, unruly and never does what I want it to. The ends have a slight curl to them, which is strange for me as I had fairly straight hair before but the colour is the same. I can’t wait for it to grow a bit longer so that I can do more things with it. 

My weapon of choice to tame my locks.

I have recently purchased some new lovely things for my bedroom (all from Primark).  

New star print bed linen

New LOVE light

The weather warnings have me slightly worried about my journey to the hospital tomorrow morning. I am not sure what happens if the roads are blocked by fallen trees or if the conditions are too bad to drive. I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens and cross that bridge when I come to it. However I am hoping the people over at Weather HQ have made a mistake and the storm won’t be as bad as they think.

Love you long time. X


  1. You're such an inspiring person!:)

  2. I love your new duvet cover and the LOVE sign. Very cute! :)

  3. Anonymous29.10.13

    Having my first hair cut since chemo back in july. Will try the Redkin wax blast. Your room looks very cosy...love the light. Nice to read your blog..glad your doing ok so far with your rads. :-) xx

  4. Anonymous1.11.13

    Hi. Just saw you in the german tv a few minutes ago. I will press both thumbs for you and wish you alllll the best. Kind regards from hamburg