22 Feb 2013

I told you pigs can fly...

Good news... A mixture of new tablets and a new found love for water has definitely improved my chemo experience this time around! As you all know from my last few posts the second round of the toxic nasties got me real good. So naturally I was a little apprehensive about round 3. I had read before about the importance of drinking LOTS of water the day before, the day of and the day after chemo. So this time around I decided to up my game. Let me tell you every middle of the night toilet trip was worth it. Drinking loads of water really did help me. I felt way less nauseous this time and my arm has been less painful. Result! I can't pretend I have felt wonderful but there is a definite improvement in my rate of recovery from last time. 

I have been squished and squashed with love this week and I am NOT complaining. I am all about positivity, laughter and love. I do believe it makes such a difference, not only to my mood and how I am dealing with everything but also to how other people cope around me. Kindness, especially from strangers, has made my week and put many a smile on my face. I have been so well looked after by friends and family and I have even got the odd treat from strangers too! 

What have I been wearing this week whilst feeling poorly sick? I may feel rubbish but that does not mean I am living in 5 year old track suits from school and leggings with holes in (*yes alright Madre, well not everyday any way). Some days I do feel well enough to get out of my pyjamas...

In other news, feeling poorly and extreme boredom has given me time to address the main beauty issue I've had this week....

Dry flaky nails, cuticles and hands. 

I am currently working my way through tubes and tubes of hand cream and nail oil.  At the moment, Vaseline healthy hands and nail cream has been my cream of choice. It absorbs quickly and is not too greasy but I do find my hands are still left a little dry. My smell and tastes change during chemo but luckily I like this smell ALOT (unlike some other hand creams) and it doesn't turn my stomach (BONUS). I'm also on the hunt for a good nail oil. In order to disguise my ugly nails I decided to go for full on bling just because can.  Why not? It also makes me happy every time I look at them. 

I have a very exciting few days ahead. My baby sister is coming to stay for the weekend (*cue happy dance) and on Monday there is a big fundraiser at The Winking Prawn to raise money for everyone running the Bath Half Marathon in aid of Coppafeel. I am beyond excited for this! Fingers crossed we raise LOADS of money!!! 

And finally proof pigs really can fly....

My necklace says so!

Love you long time. X


  1. Anonymous22.2.13

    Stunning photography of the pig.. ;) Love you and excited for a whole weekend with you! xxxx

  2. Manuela23.2.13

    Hi. We don't know each other (I found out about your blog through Sinead's fb post) but I just wanted to say how much I admire you for your strength and positive attitude through this whole experience. You are one brave and amazing person. And the bald look does suit you, definitely! You go girl!

  3. Anonymous17.3.13

    Hello Laura. I've been reading your blog with interest - keep up all the good work. I just had to comment on this particular blog and your new love for water. I too found that water helped a great deal during chemo. (I had bc at 25 and now I'm in my 40's). May I recommend you drink lots and lots during your course of treatment. The peeing 3 or 4 times at night is definitely worth it! You''ll feel a little better. ♥

  4. Michelle Woolley17.10.13

    Im 32.....although I feel 22!! Had my second dose of FEC yesterday and felt massively queasy since late last night, spent a short amount of time asleep on the bathroom floor between nausea episodes! You've given me lots of food for thought to relieve nausea next time, not had the metallic taste or cravings you have experienced. Reading your blog about flaky hands Im looking at mine and hadn't even realised how dry they were.....this calls for the hand cream. Your blog is fab...Im just wondering whether I shall lose my eyebrows/eyelashes.......not really fancying the naked face look.xxx.