26 Feb 2013

Party Time!

Hello, hello. Where to start? I have so much to tell you all.

I have been a very busy baldy the last few days. My little sister came to visit which was so nice. We had a lovely time together eating yummy food, including a chicken pie which she very kindly and expertly topped with pastry boobs and the Coppafeel! Logo. 

What can I say. My sister's a LEGEND
Credit has to go to Madre too for making the pie.

What a trouper! Our time together was cut slightly short by a Sunday night hospital trip (rubbish). It turned out I was okay, I didn’t have an infection (woop woop), but the toxic nasties had escaped my vein and done some damage to my arm muscle (ouchies).

Yesterday we had the big fundraiser for Coppafeel! at The Winking Prawn. My oh my what a night! It was everything I wished for and more. I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of people that showed up, the amount of money raised (nearly £5000) and the amount of love and support I received. I have to give some shout outs…

A MASSIVE thank you to Lucy, Jane, Christine, Mark and Lorenzo for organising it all.

To every member of staff that worked it (for free would you believe).

To anyone who donated raffle prizes, food, drink etc.

And finally to every single person that bought a ticket and showed up. I can’t believe how many of you there were. I’m sorry I didn’t get round to meeting and thanking you all personally. But I did try my best to circulate!!

Now I'm sure you are all desperate to know what I wore to this lovely event and how I accesorised my beautiful bald head. Well let me tell you..

I wore a PINK wig :) with a hairband, to disguise the fake parting and make it look more like real hair. Pink lipstick was an absolute must. (I wore MAC Candy Yum-Yum).

Me with said pink hair and lippie

I also wore some (*ahem) BEAUTIFUL SUPER AMAZING pink shoes :)

Photo courtesy of my friend Jess

Now for the fun part, THE PHOTOS. Below is a selection of my favourite snaps of the night to show those of you who couldn’t make it what you missed out on…

Me and the Lovely Lucy

Coppafeel!'s number one fans!

Coppin' a feel at the end of the night!

See I'm not the only one with a love for crazy headgear!
What a CUTE Coppafeel! fan

In beauty news I had a bit of a spree in MAC the other day so hopefully sometime over the next few days I will be posting a make up how to video/blog. For now I thought I would tell you all about my favourite new purchase. The Diorshow Art Pen. I’ve always liked liquid eyeliner, but sometimes struggled with applying it because the length of the brush handle in ones I’ve had before has been so short. My new lovely eyeliner has been a revelation. Not only is it super easy to apply, it is also highly pigmented (unlike others I’ve used before) and has GREAT staying power. It survived the few tears I shed last night with ease, yet was easy to remove once the partying was over. Well worth the pounds I spent. £££

To finish, here is a photo of me at the end of the night when the wig came off. (Notice all my make up, eyeliner included is still perfectly in place).

Bald is still beautiful
Love you long time. X


  1. Anonymous27.2.13

    Laura you are truly an inspiration. Your positive attitude and sense of humor are amazing! I was positively diagnosed with thyroid cancer last year August following my first surgery. I've got my second surgery coming up in May. I'm just sooo grateful to be alive and I've been living life to the fullest! I'm happy to hear that you're staying active..this is really important! It helps to take your mind off things for a bit. When I found my lump almost 2 years ago, I started taking ballet again and it's made such a big difference in my life!
    Stay positive Laura and I wish you all the best in your fight! You're gonna win:)

    1. Thank you, good luck with your surgery xxx

  2. Hey hunny, Just came across your blog and wanted to say I think you are so brave and inspirational, it is so good that you are trying to raise awareness and tell your story - My mum has breast cancer too and it took her ages to get diagnosed as at 45 they said she was "too young" to get it, it's so annoying how they do that!! Hope you are doing well babe. P.s you are soo stunning and look amazing with no hair and I love candy yum yum lipstick hehe :-) xxxxxx <3

  3. Anonymous3.3.13

    Hello Dear, are you in fact visiting this site regularly, if so afterward you will definitely get good experience.

  4. Anonymous5.3.13

    Hi Laura - I met you briefly last August when visiting with your Mum's friend Sally. So sorry to hear about your naughty disease, and wish you all the luck in the world in the battle against Kenneth. My sister had breast cancer when she was in her thirties, and is alive and kicking (so to speak) a quarter of a century later. You'll make it through too. Your blog is fantastic - so brave and inspirational. And you look fabulous - with and without the pink hair! Love Jocelyn.

  5. Anonymous10.3.13

    you definitely show that beauty is more than skin deep - you look wonderful with and without the pink wig. thank you for your inspirational blog - we are all rooting for you

  6. Anonymous17.3.13

    Bald truly is beautiful. <3