14 Feb 2013

The funny side of chemo...

Before the next round of the toxic nasties tomorrow, I thought I would share with you some funny moments from this week. Since chemo started I have had a number of side effects. Some of which are most unpleasant, however others as I have recently discovered, can provide much entertainment. One such symptom is my dodgy hip. Yes that's right, at 22 years old my left hip has started misbehaving. When I say misbehaving, what I actually mean is giving way without any prior warning. I was posing for a photo with friends at the weekend when suddenly my hip gave way and I fell forwards and gave myself and them a bit of a shock. 

On Tuesday I went to Plymouth for a CT head scan. I also went shopping for bits and pieces to decorate my room with. I was on my way from the car park to the shop when suddenly my hip misbehaved once more. However this time was worse. MUCH worse. You see this time I was already on the move and so when my hip played up I fell. I fell forwards. I fell forwards towards a lamp post. I tried to stand back up but my hip still wasn't working so I then twisted my ankle. So in order to avoid said lamp post I had to hop on my right foot whilst dragging my left leg behind me, arms flailing all over the place. By this stage I looked like a cross between a baby bird trying to take flight and something from The Matrix. My friend Lucy was walking behind me carrying her baby. She laughed so much she nearly dropped the baby. But everyone else in the car park kept walking. They carried on as if nothing was happening. If anything they gave Lucy dirty looks for laughing at me. Maybe this type of thing is normal in Plymouth? 

One morning this week I was getting ready to go out when the doorbell rang. I was half dressed so I threw on my dressing gown and plodded down the stairs to answer the door, presuming it was the postman. My dressing gown is bright pink and fleecy. I had half a face of make up. I also had bare bruised and cut legs (walking accident). I had also forgotten that I don't have any hair. I wasn't wearing a hat. Yes that's right, I opened the front door wearing a pink fluffy dressing gown, half a face of make up, bald head out, looking battered and bruised. Alas, it wasn't the postman. It was a guy from the electric company who needed to read my electric meter. His facial expression was unlike anything I have ever seen before. The poor man had the shock of his life. To say it was awkward when he then had to come upstairs to read the meter, is the understatement of the century! After he left I laughed uncontrollably to myself for a good five minutes. I think in future I need to keep a hat by the door!!

So the third chemo is tomorrow. This means I may not be writing again for a little while. The good thing is that I now have a TV in my bedroom so even if I am as poorly as I was last time at least I can now watch TV! I also have a new friend to keep me company...

In other news, as you all know I am all about raising awareness of breast cancer in younger ladies. I have recently been made an ambassador for the charity Coppafeel which aims to do just that! Please take the time to browse their website, they are spreading an important message! Tell all your friends too! THANK YOU. 

Love you long time. X


  1. Anonymous15.2.13

    I am loving this blog Laura. I am a friend of your Aunty Janet and have just moved and got back online. I have been where you are so understand everything but am much older. Looking forward to the next instalment. Take Care xxx

  2. Samantha Torralba26.2.13

    I can't express my admiration to you. You are one of the bravest people I've heard from. It is from really brave people to laugh when the heart cries. God will give you the strenght. My best wishes and positive energies .