18 Mar 2013

Hospital stays and Special days

Hello everyone, firstly I would like to welcome all my lovely new followers. It has been SO great hearing from you. I'm sorry I don't get the time to reply to you all. BUT I LOVE reading your messages. They really help lift my mood, so thank you.

Since my last post i've been on a bit of a rollercoaster. On Friday I ended up in hospital with a temperature. After some fun spent hours in A and E the doctors decided to keep me in overnight. Some antibiotics and fluids sorted me out and I was eventually released on Saturday afternoon. FUN TIMES.

Looking 'good' from my hospital bed...

 The good news is I am now feeling much better! Even though I was forced to eat this before the doctor would discharge me...


On Sunday I was lucky enough to attend the beautiful Honor Jayne's Christening. The service was beautiful (even though I had to make a run for it half way through to be sick *classy).

It's amazing what some fake hair, fake eyelashes, an eyebrow kit and some lippie can do for a girl's appearance...

My nails
Honor Jayne on her special day

Over the last couple of days something amazing has happened. Some very lovely celebs have retweeted links to my little blog and as a result I have been contacted by some truly amazing and lovely people. It has been so humbling and has made me feel so special. I cannot thank you all enough for your support and love. I am about to reach out to my inner secretarial skills and start replying to some of your messages, bear with me as it might take a while...

Baldy kisses from the new secretarial me!

The most important thing to note from all of this, is that now we are all helping to raise awareness!! Younger women really do get breast cancer too and it is SO important to me to get all of them checking their boobs. Early diagnosis is key to saving lives, as us younger ladies unfortunately often get a much more aggressive form of the disease because it feeds off of our hormones. So please help me spread the word. Tell your daughters, sisters, friends, aunties, neices, even stop strangers on the street and tell them too (*OK you don't have to do that one really) but seriously lets spread the word and save some lives!

Love you long time. X


  1. You look SEXUAL in that brunette wig! Please can you try ginger next? It would make Nai and Bethan so happy! I tried to post a comment last night but apparently I am terrible with computers! Meh! Love you xxxx SJ

  2. Wishing you well in your journey back to wellness.