24 Mar 2013

Sunshine and giggles

Hello everyone,

I've been feeling SO much better this week. I've actually felt like a human. WAHOO. I've been trying to make the most of this. Believe it or not there was actually some SUNSHINE in Devon at the beginning of the week and so I dusted off my trainers and took myself on a couple of walks and got some much needed vitamin D and exercise...

 I was feeling so bright and cheerful I even painted my nails to co-ordinate with my laces too!

Apart from walking I also had a lovely dinner with some friends. It was really lovely to have a catch up and a gossip. We laughed A LOT. Sometimes I forget how nice it is to laugh. I spend a fair amount of time in my own company and although I often find myself funny, it was really nice to laugh with friends.

What i've been wearing this week...

I've had lots of time to think this week. I've been thinking about all the things I want to do when i'm better. I seem to spend quite a lot of time thinking about this. I've even made a little list in my head. Things on this list include:

  • go on holiday to any of the following places... Paris, the Caribbean (or anywhere hot), Las Vegas, Ibiza.
  • party with friends (stay up later than midnight, drink cocktails, dance, giggle).
  • achieve something other than Kenneth fighting (I really want to complete a challenge to raise money for charity).
  • sort out my career.
  • go to a festival (*can you believe i've never been?).
It may not seem like that great of a list but I'm working on it, along with my addiction to tea.

It seems crazy to me that this time last year I had just got back from a month of traveling with one of my best friends Izzy (*Bella to me). We had such a great time and I cannot wait to get away somewhere nice again soon!

On the right is me, complete with hair.

All week I've been having pain in my nails. At first I thought maybe I was imagining it, but after removing my nail varnish today it turns out I wasn't. My nails are going black at the nail bed (attractive or what?). I had been warned about this side effect but rather naively thought it wouldn't happen to me because I try to take such great care of my nails. I use nail oil, hand cream, protective base coats etc. Nope, Kenneth has gone and got me again, but did I let him win? Don't be silly, I decided to disguise said ugliness with some coral and gold glittery loveliness instead. Ha, take that Kenneth! Now when I look at my hands I don't feel angry at Kenneth but proud of my mad nail painting skillzzz.

Ouchies, poorly black thumb!

New glittery nails

I haven't really got much else to report I'm afraid, so I shall leave you all with a big fat kiss.

Love you long time. X


  1. Anonymous24.3.13

    So glad you've blogged. Was suffering withdrawal symptoms.
    So, Ibiza, Vegas, the Caribbean and Paris. Well I've done Ibiza and Vegas. Ibiza was supposed to be the the deflowering holiday when I was 19 (surely some sort of record in modern times!) but I got lucky on the Saturday night before we left so it was waste of a flight and hotel! We had a good time though. We stayed in Ibiza town, but San Antonio is the place. It's like the trashiest parts of Liverpool, Newcastle and Manchester all rolled into one. Mightn't be classy enough for you!

    Vegas....I think, going on your blogs, it is somewhere you would really enjoy.

    Glad my comment the other night gave you a smile.x

  2. Your inspirational. Found your blog through a tweet from dawn porter. I love your attitude and your fight, I hope your next round of chemo goes as best it can. Love the pink hair btw. All the best xxx