14 Mar 2013

The evolution of a new species...

Hello strangers. I'm sorry for my lack of blogging but I've been busy recovering from the latest round of toxic nasties, which unfortunately went and got me real good. Today, for the first time in 7 days, I finally shed my pyjamas and replaced them with clothes. Actual clothes. Yes, I know this may not seem like an achievement for the average mortal, but for me this was a big leap along the road to recovery. I also left the house for the first time too! I walked to a friends house, yes I may only have sat on a sofa there instead, but I still LEFT THE HOUSE!!! Let me fill you in on what I have been up to since my last post...

Before the last round of the toxic nasties I had my first herceptin treatment which was fine.

I spent a lovely 9hrs in the hospital but thanks to some great company and day time television the day went pretty quick, even if we were delayed starting because of phlebitis in my arm. My only real complaint stems from my neighbouring patient's choice of lunchtime refreshment. A hospital prepared prawn sandwich (bleurghhhh as if I didn't feel sick enough already) and a packet of crisps, which she ate more loudly than I ever thought was humanly possible, EVER.

On Thursday evening I debuted my brown wig at a fundraiser for the local pre-school. I had the best time ever mainly due to the company I kept and the evenings entertainment (provided by a fellow guest's drunken behaviour). The less said about it the better, however let me just say it involved a napkin folding competition.

The next day involved more of this..

And then the next week all I did was this..

Although even that might be a slight lie, as in fact I only made it to the sofa yesterday!
The toxic nasties really did get me good. I told everyone that I was no longer human and had actually evolved into an EMUPO. For those of you unfamiliar with the creature that is the emupo, an emupo is a cross between an emu and a hippo. Why had I evolved into this spectacular creature you may ask? Well, I was so tired I effectively lost the use of my arms (so felt like an emu) and my bones hurt so much I could barely move (like a wallowing hippo). Hence the emupo was born. Madre was acting Zoo keeper and kept me well watered and drugged, and life sort of just plodded on until finally yesterday I was able to make a move from my pen (bedroom), downstairs to the sofa. Madre went back to work and in came my new nurse in the form of my friend Jess. She followed Madre's written instructions including "make her drink at least one drink every 2 hours, no matter what she says" and we got through the entire Season 1 box set of Homeland, which by the way is WELL worth a watch for those of you who haven't seen it.

In other news, I am having serious hair withdrawal symptoms and when I say serious I mean it. I have proper issues and major hair envy. Tonight I spent the entire duration of bath time fashioning hair styles out of bubbles. Yes, that's right I made bubble wigs. I have never pretended to be normal. Please don't judge me. I'm blaming the chemo messing with my brain.

Love you long time. X


  1. Anonymous14.3.13

    ur posts never fail to make me chuckle xxxx keep up the strong fight xxx

  2. Anonymous16.3.13

    An inspiration xx

  3. You have a long journey, I wish you much love. I hope the journey will be short & smooth, & that your humour carries you, your natural beauty reflects back to you from your mirror and that the love of people who care for you (strangers like me too) will lighten your steps.
    Liz xx💐💐💐xx

  4. Have the best of fun and always smile, it will keep you well :-)

  5. Hey, my first time reading today, my thiughts are your amazing, your wit made me smile, your determination to beat it is inspiring, im going to follow rrom now on, and wyen your cured party like ive known your personally forever. Your an inspiration,

  6. Hey Laura,

    I don't know how exactly I found your blog, but I wanted to let you know that you really are an inspiration. I am a 23 year-old man and reading you just motivates me to be a better person and enjoy life more. Stay positive and keep your great sense of humor, you are great! I love your style too by the way! I wish you all the best


  7. haha, your new creature made me laugh.
    Got directed to your blog from twitter, so will be following you from the southern tip of africa.
    Keep on keeping on

  8. just started reading your blog- well done on keeping so light hearted in a tough time. its not often a story about hospital stays and cancer make me laugh...but this was one of those times.x

  9. Anonymous17.3.13

    Found your blog thru a link from Russell Brand's twitter account. Have been reading it and thoroughly enjoying your positive outlook and humor. Stay strong and positive...cancer is a real bastard of a disease. Sounds like you have the best crew around you for your fight. I look forward to more blog entries...and by the way, I think you look gorgeous, bald-bubble wig or not! --- Gina, Aussie living in Canada. X

  10. Anonymous18.3.13

    You will get through this, you will .... xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Anonymous18.3.13

    Makes me realise how much I take my health for granted! Beautiful optimism. Genuinely inspirational. Stay strong x

  12. Anonymous20.3.13

    Love your blog, your writing style is entertaining. The photo of you in the bath is one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen in my life. It personifies beauty,the words are written by a person with a beautiful heart. You're an amazing woman and after you finally say goodbye to Kenneth,I hope you fulfil your potential in whatever it is you do. x