19 Apr 2013

Session 6/6 of the toxic nasties

After a minor set back yesterday, when I wasn't sure if I would be allowed chemo because I got some blood test results back that perhaps indicated that the reason I had been so poorly last time was because the infection may have been in my blood, my standard bloods were OK and so today I was allowed to go ahead. On 19th April 2013 I had chemotherapy session 6/6. I can’t say that it has been an easy journey and I know the next couple of weeks will not be fun, but I also know that it has all been worth it. Kenneth has shrunk, I couldn’t ask for more (*not entirely true, I am also praying for no neutropenic sepsis and an infection free last session). If I don’t write for a little while, I am sure you all know by now that, it is not because I don’t want to, it is because I don’t feel well enough too. I also had my Herceptin treatment today too, so I am not sure whether this will make this session better or worse.

I want to thank all the amazing nurses/staff in the Derriford Hospital Oncology department. They were all so lovely and made my treatment as easy as it could be. They answered any questions I had and always, always greeted me with a smile. I especially want to thank Trish on reception, Jenny, Mary and Bernadette (from Chemotherapy), Denise (from Brent ward) and Laura (from Birch ward).

I am currently preparing a couple of posts with my chemotherapy tips and I am also writing a special beauty related one too.

For now I wish you all a happy weekend.

Love you long time. X

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  1. Keep striving forward my gorgeousness. Sending positive thoughts and love your way!
    Love Bebbie (Ben & Debbie) XXXX