30 Apr 2013

Stage one of Kenneth busting... DONE!

Hello hello.

Just a short post today I'm afraid, but I thought I'd just check in with you all to let you know how I am doing! No more toxic nasties. I can't believe it. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!
The last round, unfortunately didn't go without a little stay in hospital. 2 nights with a chest infection. I am now safely home, with antibiotics to take for the best part of two weeks, and starting to feel better. It also helped that I received two bunches of beautiful flowers.

It feels so good knowing I've made it through stage one of Kenneth busting treatment! Now that I am finally on the mend from the rubbishness of the toxic nasties I have been thinking a lot about the future. My future to be more specific. I think it is natural when anyone has a run in with the big C to think about what the future holds. Meeting Kenneth has forced me to think about what I really want out of life, places I want to go and things I want to achieve. The trouble I am having is that I really am terrible at making decisions and I am not sure that I even know what I really want, but at least I'm thinking about it! (***I do know that I really want a Chanel handbag so if anyone wants to buy me one I wouldn't complain).

The weather down here has been amazing and I have been so frustrated that I am not allowed to spend time outside. Stupid antibiotics (*no direct sunlight)! I made the mistake of ignoring this guidance once when I was traveling with my friend Izzy, I spent about 10 minutes in the sun whilst waiting for a ferry and when we arrived at our destination my face was covered in an unsightly rash. I was not happy!
In an attempt to amuse myself (its feels wrong to be sat on the sofa watching TV when the sun is streaming in) I have been attempting to make some yummy food, now that I finally have enough energy to care about cooking. It helps that when I got out of hospital I found this box of healthy goodness waiting for me..


You may wonder why I wrote attempting and not just making. (**cough, future husband look away now please). Well let me just say that my tomato, red pepper, mushroom and spinach omelet didn't look quite as it was supposed to. Oh alright I might as well confess. It looked more like scrambled egg with veg than an omelet. Whoops! BUT at least I tried! I did however do better with dinner...

I have this pesky bruise on my stomach that is causing me a fair bit of strife. It seems to be growing and is in such an awkward place! I had it checked by the doc and it's fine but could apparently take a MONTH to heal. Great. Yet another perk of the hospital, it was them that injected me causing this bruise in the first place. It seems chemo might haunt me for a little while longer!

I have had a little trouble sleeping recently. The other night I was wondering how I might look with a pixie crop and was looking through photos. I found this (taken less than 6 months ago)...

Hoping I will rock the crop! I think the thing I miss most from seeing this picture is actually not the hair but the eyelashes! Mine are very short and patchy now and I have no bottom lashes. I'm hoping it won't take too long for them to regrow. I would really like some in time for my birthday in June. So if everyone could please start praying for fast hair growth that would be great!

Love you long time. X


  1. YAY well done for finishing stage one you gorgeous girl. xxxx

  2. Anonymous30.4.13

    You're so beautiful. If I could give you anything for all the enjoyment your blogs have given me it would be this, a small bit of advice on decision making.
    From my experience, the key to decision making is the willingness to commit to a decision.So decide that you are going to make a decision, then go ahead, weigh up all your options and make a choice and then stick to it. Simples...or maybe not....

  3. Debs2.5.13

    wow i have just read all your blogs after seeing your link on Gary barlow twitter.
    i have spent tho last 20 minutes smiling and crying.
    you are an amazing lady. so strong so positive.
    i had chemo yesterday 5of 6 thank god only one to go .
    hope you sort your decision for surgery and it doesn't cause you too much heart ache .
    i didn't have a choice and had a masectomy on
    27 12 12 just 21 days after i was diagnosed .
    i wish you all the love and luck in the world you really are a beautiful person. x x

  4. Stumbled across you blog and spent the last hour reading them all (instead of doing my work, oops!). I just wanted to say that you are an absolute inspiration to young girls like myself, writing this blog is such a great way to spread awareness as well as keep your own spirits up.

    Wishing the best of luck with the rest of your treatment and can't wait to read more stories on the disappearance of Kenneth! Also looking forward to watching you in your debut TV appearance and rest assure, my next charity fundraiser will most definitely be for Coppafeel!

    All the very best, sending you lots of cancer fighting cells and hair follicles (in hope you have some more eyelashes for your birthday!)
    Ella (@elladaisy)